Reliability Centered Maintenance

Introduction to RCM methodology
2-day course
Designed for maintenance engineers and managers

What you will learn:

Training contents

RCM Introduction

What is RCM?

Historical background

Why do you need RCM?

What is needed to perform RCM?

Most popular RCM standards

RCM procedure

RCM process

RCM 7 questions

RCM project scope definition

Q1 Functions

Q2 Functional failures

Q3 Failure modes

Q4 Failure effects

Q5 How does each failure matter? (effect categories)

Q6 Proactive tasks

Q7 Default tasks

Risk analysis considerations

Maintenance optimization

Decision trees

Probability distribution basics

Failure rate behavior

Exponential distribution difficulty

Conditional probability

Preventive maintenance principles and models

Monte Carlo simulations

Inspection intervals and applicable models

Safety system modeling

Condition based maintenance and modeling

Task packaging scenarios

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