Statlore becomes Relyence distributor

Starting from January 2020 Statlore becomes a distributor of Relyence software products in central Europe

We are happy to announce a cooperation with Relyence – one of the most innovative reliability analysis platforms on the market. Relyence is a complete reliability toolset available from a web browser (available in local installation too). Combined with a clean interface, it makes it easy to deploy and even easier for users to access and start making useful analytics.

Build your reliability process around Relyence

Relyence platform allows you to make the best use of reliability data, starting from place where it enters your ecosystem (FRACAS), where it is used for qualitative analysis (FMEA) and when it is used for calculations (Weibull plots, RBDs, Fault Trees).

It saves time typically spent on:

Relyence answers the most important questions about the future of business:

You can try and see Relyence in action by signing in to demo access, below:

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