Relyence Prediction

MTBF calculation the smart way

Why Relyence?

data management

Manage multiple designs MTBF predictions in a centralized database located in the cloud or onsite. Easily accessible from a browser.  Various types of deployment possible – from open & flexible to offline & closed.

Comprehensive toolset

Supporting the most well-known and widely accepted reliability prediction standards – MIL-HDBK-217, Telcordia SR-332, 217Plus, NSWC Mechanical, ANSI/VITA 51.1, China’s GJB/z 299 standards, as well as NPRD & EPRD – Relyence Reliability Prediction provides a fast and accurate tool for MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) analysis.

Data Reusability

Easy reuse experience from previous projects. Multi product/project data can be shared and resued effectively in multiple ways. Relyence enables creation of component MTBF libraries that can be easily accessed and reused wherever they are needed.

Key features in Relyence Prediction

Intelligent import

Support for importing BOM data from Excel files with automated MTBF mapping to imported parts


Custom reports that can be defined for internal or external recipients

Analysis tree

Effective design navigation with a hierarchical tree of subsystems and parts in a given system

Advanced analysis

MTBF prediction can be followed with derating analysis, allocation calculations, support for mission profiles, accounting for dormancy, and more.

Module integration

Built in interface to rapidly reuse MTBF data from or in related analysis: FMEA, RBD, Fault Tree, FRACAS

Custom parts library

Relyence enables users to create parts libraries that can be easily accessed at a later stage