Relyence Fault Tree

Complete FTA analysis in a browser

Why Relyence?

data management

Manage all Fault Trees in a centralized database located in the cloud or onsite. Easily accessible from a browser.  Various types of deployment possible – from open & flexible to offline & closed.


Relyence Fault Trees is using industry standard fault tree modeling tools, gate types and basic event types. The produced results are compatible with typical applications in safety and risk analysis i.e. failure rates, cut set analysis, importance measures etc.

Data Reusability

Easy reuse experience from previous projects through creation of user defined libraries. Fault trees and basic events from a library can be reused many times across different types of studies. Produced results can be linked to other Relyence modules for additional insight.

Key features in Relyence Fault Tree

State of the art

Support for accepted probability calculation methods

user friendly

Fault tree creation is a seamless experience using the familiar fault tree objects

Cut Set analysis

Fast and efficient cut set calculation in easy to view results form

integrated analysis

Ability to connect MTBF prediction module and FMEA module and create comprehensive analytical model

Importance measures

The most important events can be uncovered using standard importance measures e.g. marginal, critical, diagnostic, risk reduction, and risk achievement

User library

User-defined library of fault trees and basic events that can be reused multiple times in various other types of analysis