Relyence FRACAS

Failure Reporting and Corrective Action system

Why Relyence?

data management

Manage all incident data in centralized database that is locally hosted or deployed in the cloud. Connect relevant incidents to a problem that is the object of problem resolution problem. User role & access control to decide who enters the data and who can make use of it


Capture relevant information from custom incident report forms. Every step of the reporting and analysis process is recorded and can be defined to need approval from managing user. Audit Trail functionality enables the tracking of any record changing activities

Data Reusability

Easy reuse of incident data in FMEA analysis aand statistical analysis of reliability in Weibull module. User friendly reporting of incident and problem resolution details, 8D reporting etc.

Key features in Relyence FRACAS

State of the art

Select from accepted prolem resolutions templates 8D, DMAIC or PDCA
or create your own process

user friendly

Create incident report forms users
actually want to use

FMEA linkage

Seamless way to access incident data during FMEA analysis

integrated analysis

Easily access incident data for statistical analysis (Relyence Weibull)

Complete reporting

Create reports on the fly using flexible reporting module or create custom dashboards showing the current FRACAS status

KPI metrics

Calculate failure, repair and trend metrics based on your test data and/or real-life failure data. Built in calculations for Failure Rate, MTBF, MTTF, MTTR