Relyence FMEA

Manage FMEAs from a browser

Why Relyence?

data management

Manage all FMEAs in a centralized database located in the cloud or onsite. Easily accessible from a browser.  Various types of deployment possible Рfrom open & flexible to offline & closed.


Fast access to compliance data (testing, functional safety, failure mode information, AIAG&VDA, AIAG4 or custom). Multiple ways to store sensitive information in predefined or custom forms and tables. Custom calculations inside a spreadsheet expand possible use cases to quantitative types of safety, reliability or quality analysis.

Data Reusability

Easy reuse experience from previous projects. Multi product/project data can be shared and resued effectively in new analysis. Relyence enables creation of product data library containing various types of safety, reliability and quality information.

Key features in Relyence FMEA

State of the art

Support for latest industry standards e.g. AIAG&VDA, SAE, and MIL-STD-1629


Custom reports that can be defined for internal or external recipients

Custom process

Custom workflow process with access control, responsibilities and acceptance gates

integrated analysis

DFMEA and DVP&R integration
PFMEA and Control Plan integration


Clean looking spreadsheets with multicolor sections and RPN or AP analysis that can be customized

Product library

Support for multi product data management process with effective reuse of previous project experience

Software Demo

Analysis Tree & Import from Excel

Analysis Tree is a representation of a product structure in DFMEA or a process structure in PFMEA. The video shows a manual way to create the Analysis Tree, as well as the import from Excel functionality using two possible schemes.

How to import FMEA table from Excel file

Relyence FMEA enables users to import FMEAs from Excel files with an intuitive menu that also does a pretty good job matching data from Excel to software database.

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